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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
Agreed on the Mech thing. My biggest disappointment with the film was that they didn't keep Shingin as the main villain as he was in the comics. What I loved about the original comic is that you see Shingin beat the crap out of Wolverine (with a wooden bokan to boot), and also break him mentally and emotionally, and we get to see him slowly build his way back up to challenge Shingin again.

I wanted the film to retain that more personal/toned down feel the original 4ish mini had. And it did, except for the last fifteen minutes, which was unfortunate.
I did like the nod to the comic though where you first see Shingen in a dojo training with a wooden bokan which was a nice touch, but yeah like you said, they maybe could have had an initial fight like in the comics where Shingen completely beats Wolverine and then he builds his way back up till that fight later.

Maybe they could have indeed made Logan fight Shingen in that dojo with the wooden bokans at the start. When Shingen takes his mask off he could have said to Logan "You... come!" and had an initial fight while Logan is still weak and looking like a caveman. Or they could have had the initial fight in the funeral scene?

Anyways, I love the extended cut, the added gore really helps the funeral fight making it more fun and I like the extra f-bombs especially to Noboro "if you don't tell me what I want, I will throw you out that f***** window!"

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