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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

For me, context is everything. In the context of the post Smallville, Raimi and Webb Spider-man, Nolan Batman, MCU, Avengers, and X Men films, you just couldn't go back to the Donner style Superman, like it or not. The character had to be adapted to its time just like its always been adapted to its time. Now we can all disagree about creative choices the team made but I ultimately think its what had to be done.

SR , whatever its intentions, wasn't the Superman film we needed at that time. Again, looking at context, it had been 20 years since the last one , and you'd already had L&C, STAS, and Smallville which all reflected the post Bryne era. Going back to the Reeve film was a mistake imo.

MOS ironically had more freedom because of SR and because Smallville was finally off the air. Even then, I still don't think the changes that MOS were somehow unprecedented as some fans claim. They rehashed a lot of stuff from Smallville, from plot points to tone, and told the story in a non linear fashion like BB.

The only thing's that seemed to me like a drastic change was John Kent's death and Jor- El's death. Even then, John Dying in a hurricane without Clark saving him is on par with John dying on Smallville in a fight with Lionel because Clark changed the fate of the universe to save Lana.

MOS has its flaws no doubt but I just don't see it as this great change in the context of the canon of the character. When compared to the Reeve films, its a sharp contrast, but then again, l&c, STAS, Smallville, and the George Reeve series are sharp contrasts to the Reeve films as well.

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