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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 2

Originally Posted by Nemeres View Post
Ah, another thing I wanted to bring up... don't you guys think the Lois/Clark/Superman love triangle will make itself missed at some point? It was one of the bummers of Lois knowing in this version... that wonderful chemistry/sexual tension that has been with the characters since the very beginning is now gone. It fueled four whole seasons of a TV show, so nothing to scoff at. And here goes my 500th "Superman: Flyby" recomendation: read that script to see how cool and fun that relationship could have been.
I did read the Flyby script thought it was good in that regard. Yes the initial tension is great but she has to find out eventually and the triangle for two isn't done when she does find out as they Clark and Lois have to keep the pretense that Clark and Superman aren't the same person. I love it that they're taking this away straight away we get something slightly different on the big screen.

The comics haven't been like that for a very long time pre reboot.

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