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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Originally Posted by Tehmeh View Post
Few scenes with Viper. Especially her funeral poisoning scene still looks idiotic. I can tolerate her being her in the movie, but just a couple of scenes/deliveries bug me. Harada would've deserved more screen time, so I would've preferred just the ninja clan, faceless, without Harada in this picture with already so many subplots and characters. Nothing against Will Yun Lee's performance. Some of Yashida's lines in the end are a little flat too.

I've now watched it once in a theatre and about 4-5 times on blu-ray. The few things that previously stuck out as bad for me, still stick out and takes me out of the film for awhile every damn time. But everything I like gets better every time I see it. Also, giant props for good old-fashioned filmmaking. Some nice sets, good cinematography, nice stunts with respectable coreography, love the storytelling, pacing of action and the slow deepening parts, (a few) excellent characters and acting most of the time, best movie soundtrack I've heard in a while. plenty of good oldschool stuff compared to usual superhero movies.

I can't watch films like Avengers or Iron Man 3 right after this. I'd just shake my head. Perhaps It's time for a little break now. Just like with good music albums, once you play something you really love a lot, everything else sounds pointless and crappy right after it.
What are the things that previously stuck out as bad and still bug you now, was it the things you mentioned above about Viper and Harada or something else? Also, is there anything else you didn't like about the film or needed to be improved?

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