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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Originally Posted by speno94 View Post
What are the things that previously stuck out as bad and still bug you now, was it the things you mentioned above about Viper and Harada or something else? Also, is there anything else you didn't like about the film or needed to be improved?
The ones I mentioned. Some things with Viper and not really getting to know/care about Harada. Some lines here and there can sound a bit bad. oh yeah, one really minor stupid gripe: when he offs the last guy on the top of the train, there's a really loud SNIKT sound when he lunges even when his claws were already out. Hah, minor stuff.

I've even come to accept the robot. I don't exactly like it, but it doesn't bug me. After all, I got the "real" SS in the Shingen fight. And the final act's clumsy fighting with lots of falling kind of...fits. Everything else was done in previous fights. It is the weakest action scene for me though, and even if it's fine for me as it is, perhaps 1 minute less action and 1 minute more skilled drama in the last act would've made it better.

I've come to appreciate this film so much that apart from the gripes I mentioned, I probably wouldn't want to change much about it. I'm constantly surprised how much there is to like, especially with the slower parts.

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