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Default Re: The Jimmy Olsen Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Tra-El View Post
Bored, so a quick thought. Just playing with ideas:

What if Jimmy is a struggling photographer for the DP's rival, the Daily Star but is canned for not coming up with the big one and is considered a laughing stock of his field, living from pay to pay and struggling to make money to eat. He walks around everywhere snapping pictures, being a pest and even was once kicked out of the Daily Planet for trespassing around the building at late hours.

Jimmy would be the one that courageously and accidentally snaps the first picture of "The Bat" in Metropolis and sends an anonymous letter to Lois, where they eventually meet in secret for the rights to own the photo, where he then shockingly shows Lois pictures he took of her flirting and getting close with "the guy that looks an awful lot like Superman" . This forces Lois to talk hard for Jimmy into getting hired as a free-lance photographer at the Planet where the audience assumes he would know Clark is Superman, where it's never said or acknowledged. He would be more of a secondary character from that point forward (like Lombard) who would just be present in the DP scenes in the background or hovering around Clark's desk.
That's pretty interesting. I'm not sure what I want for Jimmy. I don't know if I want him to be younger and green, or more experienced and older. Jimmy has always been kind of the comic relief for most incarnations, so I'm not sure what I want from this "modern" version. I'm not sure what he should be tbh.

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