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Default Re: The Jimmy Olsen Casting Thread

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
That's pretty interesting. I'm not sure what I want for Jimmy. I don't know if I want him to be younger and green, or more experienced and older. Jimmy has always been kind of the comic relief for most incarnations, so I'm not sure what I want from this "modern" version. I'm not sure what he should be tbh.
Yeah, it's tough. I think he should have his big moment, though. Whatever it would be and then be a side character, if that, the rest of the franchise.

Maybe the scene where he gets the shot of the Bat, who hasn't been seen before, after being ruffed up and bullied in a dark alley (having something in common with Clark at his age) and gets thrown to the ground. When he gets thrown to the ground, his camera goes off and the bullies run away. When Jimmy checks his camera to see if it's alright, right in the corner is a figure dressed up as a bat, blurry since the flash caught something else, but it's there.

I think that would be a cool introduction and a good Jimmy moment and then move on.

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