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Default Re: Is Thor "Too Difficult" A Character To Do Well?

Just a short post for now, maybe more later.

First, where's BigThor ? He's the staunchest defender of the Hammer Throwing God, so you can't have this debate without him

Second, in terms of their status and power, Thor is sort of the Superman of the Marvel universe. If there's room for Big Blue, there's room for Thor
on the big screen.

Third I, for one, liked the sci-fi elements of thor (the spaceships, the flying Viking boats) the way it was done, it worked for me anyway.

Fourth, Loki is a big draw, and he owns every scene he's in, except maybe when he's onscreen with Hopkins - who's an acting god, acting as a god. Anyway, while Hiddleston always ups the game with Loki, I thought Hemsworth has been good as Thor, and the character showed some reasonable growth in TDW, compared to Thor when we first meet him in his eponymous film.

Fifth, to be utterly honest I vastly preferred TDW to IM 3, and even to Avengers. I thought the humour was less forced (the god of thunder having to use the tube, priceless), and the action less video-game-ish.

True, I'm one of those who thought Selvig provided some pretty decent laughs, but I could do with a lot less Darcy, and her intern just took up the other actors' oxygen.

Portman is passable as Jane Foster, but to really develop that character, they need to develop the rivalry between her and Sif, which at least Sif feels. I can't believe I'm saying this, as she's a great (not good, but great) actress, but Portman needs to lift her game as Jane foster. The romance angle is not believable enough IMO.

Finally, Thor has an immense comic mythology to draw on. They started scratching the surface of Walt Simonson's amazing work from the 80's.
Mine that vein some more, bring on Surtur and Beta Ray Bill.

So in short, not only is Thor a valid character, but he's been admirably represented thus far, and there's so much potential for future stories.

And this is all coming from a Superman fan, not a Thor fan. Looking forward to Thor's third movie.

Yea verily anon !

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