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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
thanks for the spoilers,
Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
I read the first line of that above post about The Walking Dead, and my "Some giant a-hole is about to do a total dick move and give away a big spoiler" spider-sense kicked in so I scrolled down past the rest of the post before I read any specifics. But come on, don't be such a thoughtless moron. Some of us are obsessively avoiding spoilers and sticking to "safe zones" where surely no one will be talking about The Walking Dead.
I always think this should result in an immediate, permanent ban. I have had the whole of series three of Game of Thrones ruined for me by exactly the same thing.

If the poster is in fact a moron, then it can be ascribed to thoughtless stupidity. If they are not, then it is antisocial.

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