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Default Re: Release dates for Wolverine 3 & X-Force?

Marvel has had the right idea in releasing the big blockbuster event movies in summer, and mostly keeping the smaller solo films for other times of the year. I think that makes sense. Thor is, arguably, big enough now to be a summer movie but Captain America, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, are not. Even the Guardians movie is in August, at the end of the summer season - and it could even work in an even later slot, or in spring.

They could release Wolverine 3 outside the summer movie season. If they ever do a Deadpool movie, that would be fine for an autumn/winter release.

I'm not sure about when they should release X Force. It doesn't scream 'summer blockbuster' to me, though we haven't had any cast or story confirmed yet. It depends how it is being developed - as an event movie or a spin-off or the next phase of X-Men.

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