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Default Re: Retconning the Age of Characters

Everyone is correct, they did a horrible job with the timeline and misused characters in ways where things can't be fixed.

- There is no way to fix the fact that we saw Scott and Ororo as teenagers back in 1962, which would make them like 55 years old in X1 (unless they just ignore it).

- There is no way to fix the fact that they used Havok, Scott's younger brother, in X-Men First Class, back in 1962, which would make him almost 60 years old in X1 (and Scott's older brother) - (unless they make that Havok the Grandfather of another Havok - which would be pretty stupid).

- There is no way to fix the fact that we were given Emma Frost in 1962 as a 30-something year old woman, and then again as a teenager in 1979 (unless they never use her again, or try to explain that her powers keep her young).

- There is no way to get around the fact that Magento was a teenager back in 1944, which would make him around 95 years old during DOFP.

So, let's face it, the timeline is really screwed up!

If they want to make the X-Men universe a big cross-over type movie universe then they kissed the donkey big time. So, here are their options:

1. Do something stupid that the general audience would never understand, like use the Siege Perilous to de-age all of the charaters and fix the timeline. It's extreme, but at this point it's one of the only ways to actually fix all the junk. But again, the GA just wouldn't get it. it would be over their heads...

2. Just ignore it. Simple enough, but would us fanboys allow them to do that? Imagine that at the end of DOFP all of a sudden everything is just "fixed". And I'm not talking about fixing things like Jean and Scott being dead (which needs to be fixed), but all of the timeline things. Sorry, but they are probably too far gone to do this at this point...

3. Reboot after DOFP or maybe just one more movie!

I know, I know, most don't like this idea, but really, it would be for the best if they really want to expand this whole X-Universe. Think about how tough things will be if they keep things as is, even if they fix Jean and Scott being dead...

- Many of the actors and actresses are aging and can't go beyond maybe one more movie. Stewart, Mcclellan, Berry, etc. will need to be recast real soon.

- X-Factor will be almost impossible.

- X-Calibre will be really difficult.

- And they really can't fix many of the messed up timeline things.

So what's the best option? Yes, reboot! But how to do it...

Why not just accept it, finish DOFP, have it end with the AOA, use the same casts for that movie and then it's time to reboot. We'd be at 2020 for a reboot, which would be fine!

But this time have the actual First Class of Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Angel and Marvel Girl!

Have that team get into problems in the second or third movie and have Xavier form an international team to save them. Call them the Uncanny X-Men and then have the original team break off and form X-Factor.

Have the Uncanny X-Men have a movie by themselves and then they can have a crossover (Mutant Massacre).

Then have the New Mutants (who some would have been seen in the other movies in cameos) formed and have them go against the White Queen's Hellions. By the second or third movie (with the loss of and addition of members) we would have Cable, and X-Force would be formed.

Excalibur would be formed by the X-Men's Nightcrawler and Shadowcat at some point as well.

They could even get into Aplha Flight in a movie where they come after Wolverine.

Now they would have four or five different teams formed over the course of eight or nine movies, not including any Wolverine team-up movies, and then a huge crossover could happen.

Boy I wish this is what they did in the first place!

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