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Default Re: Retconning the Age of Characters

Ok, let's stick with it. Does that mean that you are ok with:

- Jean being dead?
- Cyclops being dead?
- Havok being a teenager in 1962, making him older than Scott and unusable in the present?
- Scott and Ororo being what, like mid-50's, in X1?
- Emma Frost being in her mid-30's back in 1962, which means she'll never again be usable?
- Deadpool!?!?
- Juggernaught!!??
- Calisto??!!
- Psylocke being lame and not having the powers she's supposed to?
- The fact that Patrick Stewart is 73 years old?
- The fact that Ian McClellan is 74 years old?
- The fact that Famke Janssen is 48 years old?

And then there are all of the "minor" problems, that most of us are willing to overlook, including:

- The fact that we've had two Moira's.
- We've seen Xavier standing two times when he should have been paralyzed.
- Beast in human form in X1, when his experiment blue furred him up in 1962.
- The young Emma Frost featured in the abomination called Origins.
- Xavier stating that he first met Eric when they were teenagers.
- How it was Xavier and Magneto, working together, who first built Cerebro, but then it was shown to be Beast who built it back pre-1962.
- When Mystique was shot with the cure she reverts to human, when in fact her true form is blue.
- The Hellfire Club being made up of characters who weren't in the Hellfire Club, so now those characters/villains are unlikely.

Are you recommending that they only do movies with the Furst Class actors, so any X-Men movie will need to be in the 70's, 80's or 90's? Kind of kills the idea of a functioning present timeline team, which would mean no X-Force, no X-Factor and no Excalibur.

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