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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Nope, that's my fault for not reading it properly.

The reason why it feels similar to Begins is because it's the final piece of the story. And naturally you close things up by bringing themes full circle back to how it started. There was always a bit of a loose end anyway after Begins. The question of "what happened to Ras' wife?" and "Where is Talia? Is she in this universe? They mention her in the BB novelization.."

Bane, in the comics, is tied to Ras & Talia so it felt natural to return to the League of Shadows.

But yes, it's an interesting idea to think of Rises without the League. Just Bane. But Catwoman was absolutely necessary. She's essential to any Batman story, especially one that is complete. There needed to also be a new female presence after Rachel's death so Selina was a nice/logical touch.

So Bane, Catwoman and Riddler would have felt too cluttered.

Just Riddler and Catwoman wouldn't have worked for all the reasons i mentioned in my previous posts. And finally, just Bane with Catwoman and no League would have been cool but feeling like just another episode instead of the final chapter that wrap things in a bow by bringing it all back to how Bruce started. Which like it or not, was the involvement of Ducard/Al Ghul.

I do love the idea of Riddler as a secondary character though, without too much screentime but with plenty of importance to the plot and how we see Batman using his detective skills. Maybe that's a movie that could have been told after TDK but before TDKR. Placing Nygma as this supporting villain instead of lead antagonist lessens the "Joker similarities".

Black Mask with Riddler? Penguin with Riddler? Hugo Strange with Riddler?
I know Bane had ties to the League in the comics, however... in the Dark Knight Rises, I feel like the film itself is more about the League than Bane.

I mean like I said before, not only does it feel like the same plot but it's like the same exact movie twice... the entire METHOD of the League's siege over Gotham was? STEAL a super weapon from Wayne Enterprises and use it against the city, and plot surrounds itself with trying to disable the super weapon.

The only different for Rises is that it is an explosive, which is more diabolical so it made it seem like the stakes were higher even though they were technically the same, the view would just be more lethal.

And even before the Talia reveal, it just didn't seem fitting that Bane was doing all this for his own vendetta; he was doing this for Ra's, which again I felt like was too much focus on LoS. If they did something like, yes mention that Bane was part of LoS and that's how he got some of his fighting skills and leave it at that, that would have been better, even bring in Talia later but not have his story intertwine with hers so much.

If they went with a fresher, more original approach with Bane where they reveal he was born in raised in Pena Dura, and that his father left him and his mother died and he had to raise and educate himself, I felt like that would have been a much more full circle/mirroring image of Batman/Bruce Wayne, since both characters had very tragic upbringings, both are geniuses, and both had ties to the League as well.

I also agree, I'm not complaining too much about Catwoman although I felt like (even though Hathaway is a great actress) she wasn't a great Catwoman to me BUT I am glad that they kissed in costume.

Anyways this is a completely off topic complaint, even though it is my only other major one I have with the movie. Don't me wrong, this a great movie, but it is nowhere near the gem that TDK was. TDK in my opinion is not only the second greatest superhero/comic book film (after Avengers), it is just one of the greatest hollywood films.

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