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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by Victarion View Post
And so he was, thereby striving to succeed d where Ra's failed. Instead of being a premade villain ala Knightfall, we get to see Bane clawing his way to the top, as it were. By revealing Gotham's corruption to the rest of world on a greater scale than what Ra's did. Ra's needed fear gas. Bane didn't do anything except present the city with the truth and the power to "Retake Gotham from the corrupt."

The fact that Ra's never gave Bane a fair shot -we get this from Talia's story about Ra's seeing Bane as more a monster than a human- leads me to believe that Bane didn't owe Ra's any kind of loyalty. Hence one-upping Ra's with his social revolution.

I didn't mean to imply that Venom was needed. Instead I was giving an example scenario that I would call a repeat of BB's fear gas stuff.
I disagree completely, to me, Bane WAS a premade villain with all of the LoS crap put forth before him in the movie. ANd him revealing Gotham's corruption or whatever to the rest of the world was just his way of running the show. As Ra's tried to make out in BB, as some illuminati **** by saying they were the ones behind Rome, the plague, and London.

And all the Talia reveal to me was just showing Bane being in love with Talia and doing all this for her. Looking into it more may bring some connections but at the end of the day it is just reaching, and that's all it is to me.

Oh boy, the LoS makes DKR more of a repeat than BB than anything else can, and I've already stated why I believe that. The only thing that would make venom similar to scarecrow's toxin is the fact that they're both super drugs. But scarecrow's is an intoxicator, and bane's is a steroid. the plot would have panned out nowhere near the same if venom was incorporated.

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