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Default Re: Retconning the Age of Characters

Age Of Apocalypse is completely doable. It just wont be an exact replica of the books, just like any other comic flick.
Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
There Is no need to turn every X-Men title Into a film.X-Factor and Excalibur aren't needed
Agreed. Plenty is going on with nothing in production so far. Gotta see how X-Force and Deadpool play before moving on. The good thing about X-Force/Deadpool is as of right now they do not need to be wrapped around the main team characters from the school or their story. Its in the world but they can exist on their own away from the main X-Men until a crossover takes place. Which is a good thing, cause it will feel like two different franchises coming together. Even more so then DOFP, which revolves around the same characters only younger.

X Factor and Excalibur would more then likely need to involve alot of characters at the school. They can just do main team movies on those characters for now. That said, Im all for a TV show based on one of those.

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