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Default Re: Man of Steel does have kryptonite

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
Really? It sounds too stupid for batman.
N in MOS version, I don't think CLark knows about the effect of K on him. Or is there K in the MOS universe?
I finally got around to making the gif images showing the origins of Kryptonite in MOS. I tryed explaining the scene before but most people just over looked it. Here it is in all its glorry.

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When Zod warped way from Krypton they sucked some debris from the planet with them. Then when the came out of the warp the debris got scattered. This happens right before they find the World engine on that dead Kryptonian outpost. The only problem i see with that is that the only way for that debris to reach earth is for that outpost to be somewhere in our solar system.

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