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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Originally Posted by Visualiza View Post
I think the conclusion of the final battle refutes this idea. JARVIS attempted to kill Pepper and Tony was powerless to stop it because he lost the headset. An event like that would surely say to him that he needs to be in complete control of a singular armor. Destroying the remaining armors and affirming that he is Iron Man solidifies that.
Jarvis tried to kill Pepper because she was injected with extremis and she was giving off the heat signature Tony told him to destroy. Remember when the Iron Legion arrived at the docks, Tony told Jarvis to "target extremis heat signatures and disable with extreme prejudice".?

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She makes grown men weak at the knees when she appears in her skimpy gypsy costume.

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Still, apparently Taylor was given a script of the avengers sequel, which means the after credit scene would possibly have something to do with it.
Ummm when was this?

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It has something resembling a head and eyes, but a face?
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