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Default Re: Who Should Be The Big Bad In Thor 3?

Originally Posted by seahammer View Post

As a life-long Thor fan, I totally agree (and that's pretty much the common consensus among Thor fans, too). Simonson really knew how to write the grandeur of the gods as well as the drama of everyday, mortal life, and how to play them off each other. Definitely the best Thor's ever had...

...until I get my writing credit for Thor 3, that is!!

Tru dat ! Good comment.

I'm not really a Thor fan (more of a DC guy), but I really paid attention to Simonson's work on Thor during the 80's. It was massive, the best Thor has ever been. I remember he did this sort of side story with Beta Ray Bill against these guys in armour suits that could turn into playing cards (it was weird) and were just dupes of the Titanium it looked so cool.

They gave the man a credit for TDW "Malekith created by Walt Simonson"
lets hope they call him up when they're scripting Thor 3 (and of course give you a call too !).

Anyway, it's gotta be Odin and Sons (and maybe Beta Ray Bill) vs Surtur. That would be beyond epic. (I'm looking forward to Thor 3 more than the next Avengers). Can you imagine the prologue ?....Simonson's depiction of the forging of the sword Twilight ! Awesomenosity !

Cheers !

BTW: Simonson did the best Cross-over comic of the 80's
Xmen-Teen Titans.

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