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Default Re: The Wonder Woman Costume Thread

Originally Posted by Masone View Post
You definitely read my post wrong.

Another option is she only wears the skirt on Themyscira, a very Greek style outfit just for her home.
I'd rather see her wear casual clothing that would have been expected in ancient Greece when she's on the island. A vibrantly colored toga, or whatever.

The battle skirt would be exactly that. Worn in battle.

Originally Posted by Scar Predator View Post
There is no way she's going to get the requisite physique because her frame is too small. She's 5'9" as well, so she'll need lifts and or camera trickery to make her seem more substantial.
That's taller than average for a woman. She's not as tall as Affleck or Cavill, but they're both taller than average as well. Wonder Woman has been both depicted as taller and shorter than Superman, so I don't see the issue. It's not like she's 4'10" or anything.

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