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Default Re: Mark Millar said 5-10 Franchises that Fox can make. What exactly are they?

Where's the love for Secret Wars?

For that matter, what if the plot of X-Factor is a loose adaptation of Inferno? It would naturally have Cable from X-Force cross over for it to work. Here's how it would go. Sinister clones Jean, convinces her that she's the real Jean, gives her false memories and then lets her loose into the world. He then tracks her down and tells her that an imposter is pretending to be the real Jean and she's lying that she's stolen her life from her and even mothered a child in her name. The only way forward is for her to seek revenge. She's to track down Cable as a child, take a small sample of his DNA, then kill him along with his parents. The Goblin Queen then pretends to be Jean, impersonates her, sneaks into the X-Mansion and kidnaps young Cable. Sinister succeeds in cloning Cable, but X-Factor alongside adult Cable stop fake Jean from killing young Cable. Cable is then tempted to kill the newborn clone of him but can't bring himself to do so, which causes a new character called Stryfe to exist in the present post-credits.

I'm not sure if it's too dark. particularly with how Goblin Queen would interact with young Cable by trying to tell him that everything is going to be all right, that she loves him but she really just wants to murder him. I'm pretty sure that most members of the audience would be uneasy with a plot about Cyclops and Jean potentially losing a child and Cable having to deal with learning that if he were raised by Sinister instead of Cyclops and Jean, he'd probably be a villain. This might hit way too close to home.

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