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Default Re: Should there be a stand alone Mystique film?

Mytique is a really great character, but there are only a small handful of backstories that would make her anything close to a solo movie star.

- The fact that she and Voctor Creed had a son, who turned out not to have powers, and who then hated mutants and became the leader of the Friends of Humanity. Too bad this type of group has been used too much in the X-films...

- The fact that she had another son with Azazel, whom she abandoned and who became Nightcrawler. But Nightcrawler has already been featured, as has Azazel. Could this be used in a flick? Sure, but it's not enough to make her worthy of a solo...

- The fact that she was the adopted mother of Rogue, and raised her with the plan of using her, and coerced her into fighting Miss Marvel and stealing her powers, which made Rogue a kick butt character with pycho issues that only Xavier could help with. Too bad Rogue has already been introduced and not used in this way, and that Miss Marvel would not be a usuable character.

- And lastly that she formed and led the third incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. This group was actually pretty cool, with Destiny, Avalanche, Blob and Pyro. Well Blob was a complete failure in Origins (it actually saddens me to think how bad he was - though the whole "Bub" - "Blob" thing was creative). Could Mystique be used in this way? Sure, but we've already had a Brotherhood as the villains, so it would be a bit been there, done that, and actually the only main story where this Brotherhood was important is DOFP! Maybe instead of using "the Brotherhood" they could go with "Freedom Force", but it's really the same thing.

So, giving Mystique her own movie? Can't see it. Where's the story? You have a little bit of an origin of her meeting Destiny, being lovers with Sabertooth and Azazel and giving birth to Grayden and Kurt, but where do you go from there?

Could she be used as a support character? Of course. She could even be in X-Factor. Could she be a leader of the villainous group? Of course. But a solo movie?...

Nope, not likely!

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