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Default Re: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Ok here's my theories about all of this hopefully you guys like it

- Marvel changed the game (DC, Fox, Sony playing catch up)

- BUT there'd be none of this without X1 & Singer

- Honestly I'd have Apocalypse as kinda bare with me now a young Egyptian boy (even cooler if he didn't speak English in the film) kinda like a young king tut buried in a tomb..

- because the xmen played with time nature will try to course correct itself and Mr Sinister will spend his time in X-Force after a mid credit scene in DOFP creating the horseman and trying to resurrect apocalypse

- With Cyclops n Jean back no need for old prof/mag.. bring in a older Gambit and also have Rogue absorb Warpath powers fully and make her a big time player. Bring in a new Nightcrawler/Psylocke also Forge as a inventer/love interest for Storm and bring back Storm/Logan/Kitty/Collosus/Bishop/Iceman/Cable/Deadpool/Domino/X23.. split x force n xmen up between these xmen

-Not sure of release dates but I'd prefer xforce lead into xmen: apoclypse

- Bring back a new Angel as a horseman also working for sinister and turn beast into dark beast as well

- If I can get half of this I'm satisfied and I'm super excited reminds me of dr dre song "forgot about dre" ppl forget fox ran this super hero thing

- get fantastic four involved also and that'll lead into a galactus battle with the help of the xmen

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