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Default Re: The Wonder Woman Costume Thread

Maybe not so much Ancient Greek, but definitely something that invokes the image of the Greek hoplite warrior. Throw in a line about Hephaestus forging it personally for her, and you can make it very much an artisan's craft as much as a suit of armor.

I personally wouldn't mind if she ended up with two different costumes: one an armored and anachronistic look that very much seems like something a mythological god would wear, the other a modern design akin to the New 52 or Injustice. Her first costume would be the one she's introduced in, when she's pretty much all warrior and defender, and less worried about inspiring others and making friends, while her second would definitely have the hallmarks of a PR move for her as the representative of her people and in a more super heroic cut.

I kind of like the helmet/tiara combo Frank Miller designed, even if the rest of his interpretation can crawl off and die. So I'd have her first costume start off looking like the Golden Age costume with a more elegant and royal ensemble before morphing magically into a breastplate, full on battleskirt, armored gauntlets as opposed to bracelets, and the headband becoming the helmet like design with cheek protectors and a nose guard. I'd also have an armband become a pauldron and a choker/necklace become a gorget.

Then on Justice League she discovers that her suit is intimidating to others and unlike Batman, she doesn't want that, so we get the more restrained costume from the modern age, which may also be somewhat more sensual. Think something like the first Jim Lee design from a few years ago, but with maybe athletic shorts as opposed to a skirt or pants.

And I'd stick with the eagle unless the have her specifically decide to do the WW for her "sisters."

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