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Default Re: Steven Spielberg calls the Nolan Batman movies beautiful art films

Oh!! When Bane broke his back. My God. I didnt cheer but i yelled HOLY ****! NOLAN BROKE HIS BACK! lmao

Begins was the polar opposite, as i went to see a "Batman" movie that i literally had no idea about. Didnt see a single trailer, didnt hear of the cast, didnt even hear there was a Batman movie until the day of and walking into it, i thought Bruce would only become Batman at the very end. So it was just a quiet, but total shock for me. I saw it in a regular theater on a rainy night (totally matched the mood of the film!)

"Every time you open that dvd box to watch the Dark Knight, it's actually a slice of baloney. the real movie is in your mind and Nolan performed an Inception on all of us." - tacit-ronin-
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