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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

For my money, I don't care what lame message TDKR was trying to send, there's only one man that can be Batman, and that's Bruce Wayne. Nobody else can be him. That's why Nolan and Co. should have ended it with The Dark Knight where Batman was that silent guardian, watchful protector instead of this weird, mopey, twerp that hangs everything up and hands his legacy over to someone he knew for less than a week so he can travel to Italian cafes with a woman he barely knew for a week that almost got him killed. Now don't get me wrong, I like when Batman as a myth inspires others, like recently with that San Francisco kid. That was a nice, heartfelt story. But in the actual context of a fictional Batman story with a character we've been following for 5 years?? No, there's only Bruce Wayne. They would have been better off just killing him just to show how dedicated and obsessed he was with his persona and mantle. Depressing? Sure, but not without a cause. But Bruce Wayne's story and motivation has never really been a happy one. It'd be far better than tricking everyone into thinking there was no autopilot in your vehicle, or lying and rigging the game again to create a false "inspirational" victory. That pipe dream of Alfred's and Bruce's own hopeful folly in Begins and the beginning of TDK with Rachel is so not Batman. If anything, they should have sent him Bruce/Batman into darker territory than some closed off foyer in Wayne Manor with a silly bullseye target.

As for the "legacy" in the story, I'd like to imagine that Blake accidentally trips and falls over that rail as it rises. Then his jacket catches on one of the rails as it goes back down in the water causing him to drown. Thank goodness a goofy Joseph Gordon Levitt donning the cape and cowl is left to our imaginations and will never become a reality.

And I definitely interpret Bane as this pedo in terms of his companionship with Talia. "The only crime was that he loved me". Oh yeah, I bet. If Bane did grow up in that prison from birth (which I doubt considering the twist is that it's Talia's origin instead) there's no way he'd have some moral compass to protect an "innocent" little kid. "Innocence must be stamped out", right? Or is all that lame exposition we're told for naught? If Bane cared about the well being of kids, he wouldn't have threatened to kill Pavel's children or help plant a bomb in a city full of innocent orphans. He clearly only had eyes for Talia, probably because she looked like a young boy, just like him in prison. So yeah, Liam Neeson knew what was up. He cast out that sicko and his warped daughter because he knew they were both damaged goods.

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