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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

As always, the idea that Bruce Wayne is the only living soul on the whole planet that could ever be Batman (or at least someone *roughly* as effective as him) is really depressing to me because whether you admit it or not, it implies that Gotham is pretty much f***ed once he croaks. Unless one is naive enough to think he can actually definitely WIN in his war on crime and inspire a happily ever after Gotham.

All the "I like to imagine Blake died immediately" stuff from TDKR haters is really bitter and spiteful IMO. Grow up.

I for one, thought it took pretty huge balls to end the Batman story on such a positive and triumphant note for Bruce. And you can't say it wasn't an earned happy ending after everything he went through in this trilogy. Inner peace is what Bruce truly deserved and that's what he got. Forget cafes and all the bells and whistles. The inner peace and shedding of his demons is what it's all about. And the fact that Alfred can go to his grave free of the guilt that he failed Thomas and Martha is also pretty awesome.

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