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Default Re: Anime: Why you love/hate it so much?

Both male and female characters are often highly sexualized. I feel both Americans and the Japanese do this. Obviously the Japanese do it to a greater extent but often times characters that are sexualized also have an incredibly powerful side to them as well.

It's an odd dichotomy to say the least. I think it's far more jarring in anime thus why people get turned off by it whereas American comic books/superheroes have a relatively more modest approach. Again, I'm using the word modest when propping up any given American superhero/comic book from Marvel and DC in comparison to any given shonen/senin from Shueshia and Kodansha.

I'm a big fan of both and when you get down to some of the common tropes, cliches and plot decisions they're alarmingly pretty similar despite the difference in visual approach.

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