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Default Re: Marvel Universe Villains Yet To Appear In Cinema

Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
With Hulk, I know we already SAW Leader but we never saw him become evil. I also want to see General Ross become Red Hulk but we also SAW him so I didn't include any Hulk villains as the only ones that we haven't seen that I really want to see are The Gamma Corps (with a lineup of Red Hulk, Axon, Grey, Mess and Gideon) and Mercy. Mercy has the potential to be this creepy serial killer who wants to "save" Hulk by killing him, thus ending his torment and the Gamma Corps would be fun to watch chase him around.
I don't know this Gamma Corps(my comic fandom is pretty much just silver and bronze age Marvel) but I sure remember Mercy from the ole' PAD days. Hell yeah, I'd like to see her in a Hulk film. Can't just be her though since she alone isn't powerful enough to be a threat to Hulk(and since she's pretty much invulnerable with the whole intangibility thing, Hulk can't really do much to her either). But she can hatch schemes to bring other guys into Hulk's path in hopes that they kill him. But really if you're going to use her she should be going against Joe Fixit/Grey Hulk. You need a Hulk that can b**** her out verbally. And while we're mining forgotten PAD favorites, how about Gestalt. That would be interesting. Wouldn't mid seeing Rock & Redeemer as henchmen for the Leader as well. And Madman & Maestro are solid as well.

I don't ever want Red Hulk.

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