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Default Re: Mark Millar said 5-10 Franchises that Fox can make. What exactly are they?

Originally Posted by TheVelvetOnion View Post
I think Muir Island in itself would be an interesting concept for a movie...

It would be a good sequel idea to first class's moira mctaggart and would explain what happened next.

Think about it, Banshee is missing from the rosta from first class, moira was left with no memory of Charles.

So what if the goverment set up a mutant research facility "Muir Island" which Charles sends Banshee to monitor - you have a young Madrox as a kid being monitored - bit of a trouble maker, forshadowing his fate in x-men 3. We'll give Banshee a love interest... to sort of hint at how siryn in x-men 2-3.

For Excalibur i think it would be wise to use unused mutants... you can kind of get away with using a different besty braddock as the one we saw in x-men 3 was more the inhabbited body version. You have lots of characters they can choose from, Captain Britain, Megan, Peter Wisdom, Jamie Braddock, Jack Of Hearts, the black knight... etc
I like your ideas. Just reboot Madrox though like they did with Moira and Emma. Introduce him in Excalibur, then make him the star of X-Factor Investigations later on.

Also, who would you use as the first villain?

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