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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post

1) I agree with your overall point, but I think it is false to say that story comes first. Story comes second IMO. First would be the characters (including acting). If you're not invested in the characters and/or if your characters aren't likeable, there is not much the film can do overall to pull you in.
2) I have issues with Bane writing-wise, but none in terms of his acting. I thought Tom Hardy did a great job, though I do agree that it isn't untouchable.
3) You brought up a really good point with JGL. Despite the generic characterization of John Blake, JGL does a fantastic job. I think he does the best possible job an actor can do with such character. I think that is what angers those that dislike the "I saw Batman through your orphan eyes" scene even more. If the role was poorly acted, the scene would be more funny in a "look how bad this is" way. But it is the quality of the performance that really bugs me. It is the fact that you wouldn't expect such a stupid moment with such a fantastic performance. Thus when it comes, it hits you by surprise (not in the good way).

Yeah, I agree with that bit with story vs. characters. When I mentioned story, I was sort of involving characters within that. However, now that you bring it up, there have been quite a few instances where a story is better than the characters, or vice versa. So yeah, that's a toughie.

I hope I didn't appear to be condemning Hardy in that post. That wasn't my intent. I do think anyone could have played the part of Bane though. Is the performance awful? No, but there really isn't much to it and in retrospect it is downright silly (like Honest Trailers states, it's Bane's best Adam Sandler waterboy impression . . . "of cawse!"). Then again, that isn't Hardy's doing, that's the direction and script writing for the character. It's not the actors fault where they take the story or character and I think sometimes I lose sight of that when I'm criticizing a movie.

And yeah, I brought up the "I know who you are" JGL speech too. It's another example of what we're talking about. As an acting moment, that's a convincing piece of emotion and it's impressive that he conveys that. In the context of the story and script though, it's absolutely terrible. I wouldn't want to imagine the rage if the script for TDKR was leaked like Begins. People would rip that scene even harder than they do now.

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Also bumping this up from the previous page since I have a feeling milost distracted everyone from it with his (above) long posts.

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