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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Originally Posted by CoherentChaos View Post
Indeed, in fact, there's always been an element of fail and improvement throughout the franchise. Being flung around by the prototype thrusters, the icing problem, the suitcase suit being shredded moments after deployment, and then Mark 42, which was probably meant to be the successor to the suitcase but had it's own plethora of problems. (Mostly because of it's prehensile nature. His 'hard suits' have always performed nicely, yes even the final fight despite going up against foes that could heat up their arms to absurd degrees and melt through virtually anything it seems.)

Tony's always ironed out the kinks (haha pun), usually in the next movie if not moments after discovering the flaw. I can imagine in Avengers 2 we may even see an improved Mark 42. One that has reliable weapon systems and like, not fall apart every 20 seconds. Hell, if he can merge the capabilities of Mark 42 and and Mark 7 (the one he used to fight the Chitauri), then Tony just might have reached a stage where he can at least somewhat compete with any threat.


Also. love the acronym Jaqua. And whatever the source, having Ultron be mentioned or even have a presence in Winter Soldier would be great (and make the wait between WS and AoU mega unbearable lol).
yeah sorry, I can't take credit for that acronym :P

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