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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Hardy was hamming it up under that mask. The voice, the expressions, it was as over the top as a mustache twirling villain gets. In fact, is there any evidence that he even took the role seriously? Not saying that every thing needs to be taken "seriously" but I doubt he thinks highly of his portrayal as Bane. There's little to no input other than, "when Nolan calls you, you don't say no".
Of course he took it seriously. He clearly thought into the accent he chose, wanting to pay homage to the Latin origins of the character with the Romany gypsy influence, and he made a deliberate choice to go with a voice that was in his words "a bit camp" to create an unsettling disconnect between his monstrous physicality and his eloquent manner of speaking. To me that's always been the appeal of Bane too...looks like a monster, speaks like a gentleman. A gentleman who is going to tell you his intentions before he breaks you, but a sophisticated person nonetheless.

In addition, there were some interesting similarities in both dialogue and body language that felt extremely reminiscent of Ra's, that I'm positive were intentional. It was a well thought out performance and character.

Just because something has elements of "camp" (as regwec would point out, camp =/= "bad"), doesn't mean he was doing a piss take with the character. Ledger's Joker had elements of camp in it too. You could easily say he was just hamming it up as well. And he was. You just didn't like Bane in the movie, that's all it is.

Watch the TDKR special features and it's clear that he took it seriously. I think you're reaching here. Just like people are reaching when they say "Nolan's heart wasn't in it."

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