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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Ummm if you did some research Milost (maybe you have) you would know that Hardy wanted his voice to sound like an older man, much older than his years, with a strain on his voice because of the injury he sustained. That's exactly what you hear at Heinz Field. If you dont like it, that's on you, not Hardy or the filmmakers.

Anybody i speak to IN PERSON and most on the internet love Bane and thought he was incredibly menacing mixed with some moments that were fun to imitate. There are scenes where his voice has that natural deepness he had when filming (minus ADR) where it's incredibly scary and dark. Just like the video i posted which you seem to have ignored.

All that counts to me is that i love him as a villain, felt very intimidated AND entertained by him.

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc

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