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Default Re: 14 Ways to Make Iron Man 4 Better than Iron Man 3

Um, people are forgetting that the two most likely villains for Iron Man 4 ARE out for vengeance against him. Madame Masque and Zeke Stane are clearly some of the best choices to use in the sequel. Even Justin Hammer and Spymaster are motivated by jealousy and want to enrich themselves by defeating Iron Man.

That and Ghost, Blizzard, Titanium Man and Living Laser are all usually hired by somebody. They seldom act on their own. I mean, the only villains who aren't really connected to Tony on a personal level and aren't henchmen are Ultimo and Fin Fang Foom. The former lacks a personality and the latter would require a gigantic special effects budget.

Also, Trevor was never the Mandarin and having a washed up junkie be Tony's arch nemesis is even less faithful to the source material. The Mandarin has always been a thug, but he's a trained thug who's disciplined enough to pose a real threat. Trevor is so ridiculous that I can't ever take him seriously as a villain should he reappear. That and doing a PROPER Mandarin means doing the origin of his rings, which means bringing in Brood, which means doing a movie centered around Carol Danvers to introduce the species properly.

I'd rather see something along the lines of Killian surviving as the Mandarin and getting his rings after Captain Marvel or see somebody completely new. Ghost could easily be hired by another villain to bring Stark Industries to bankruptcy, setting up Tony as a homeless drunk. That's a great way to to the Demon in a Bottle storyline. Plus, Zeke Stane would want revenge. He'd have every reason to drive Tony to ruin.

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