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Default Re: Why do so many people want to see Bucky Cap?

I think the people who are campaigning for Bucky Cap are people who just started reading comics this century. Nothing wrong with that at all, it's just that their perceptions of Captain America have largely been shaded by the Civil War story arc.

The Death of Captain America is certainly one of the most powerful storylines that has ever been written in Marvel, and certainly carried a lot of relevant political undertones back during the paranoid War on Terror years. The problem with trying to apply it to film is that the status of Cap and Bucky/WS in the MCU isn't even remotely similar to where they both stood in the comics. For one thing, the comics had decades to build up to that moment; MCU Cap and Bucky have only had a couple of movies. For another, the Death of Cap story was set against the backdrop of Civil War, which just ain't happening in the movies for a long long time (if ever).

Simply put, the Death of Captain America story line just doesn't fit into the current presentation of those characters in the MCU.


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