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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Three years is a long time of doing absolutely nothing (other than archery of cawse). It certainly was enough time for people to make up urban legends about him . . . like Batman.

I doubt he did anything important in the other 5 considering the plot doesn't tell us he accomplished anything noteworthy. How do we know he was still Playboy Bruce? We don't. All we know is he tried to pull a Tony Stark (which is odd considering clean energy was never of interest to Wayne Enterprises or Bruce Wayne in general) and failed miserably.

OP makes a good point, misunderstanding of the whacked out time frame or not. It's not just the time frame that should tip people off, it's how close Bruce Wayne and Batman come back into the world. The same issue happened in Batman Begins. The guy is gone for 7 years, comes back and makes the papers. People thought he had been dead for years (just like people in TDKR thought he was pissing in jars or horribly scarred), he comes back, then this Batman fellow shows up. Then again, I still fail to realize how ordering a batch order of 10,000 cowls and 10,000 pairs of cowl ears avoids suspicion. How is ordering one or two more suspicious than ordering a frivolous amount. Bruce Wayne ordered 10,000 cowls and ears after he's been dead for 7 years? This Batman guy who's clearly dressed up in costume shows up? WHAT!?!

Not very subtle. The only smart one in the city was Coleman Reese. I guess I should include John Blake in there, but he never deducted it from any of the information discussed in this thread. He deduced the secret from . . . a feeling of anger in his bones, facades and DEM BONES.

The dumbest one was Selina Kyle, who interacted with Bruce the hermit, Bruce the grinning billionaire, and Bruce the Batman and never put three and three together until Bane called him mister Wayne. This was even after Bruce actually pulled the old "Batman's my bro and a mutual friend" speech! I couldn't believe Nolan and Co. played that card. It was straight from the Mask with Jim Carrey.
Yep, one could say the same for the comics. The fact that Bruce Wayne is considered the Prince of Gotham, but is usually depicted since the '90s as a very civic minded and considerate patron for the well being of the city (i.e. not a playboy) and happened to return to Gotham after a mysterious 7-10 year absence abroad the exact same year that Batman appeared....and everytime he takes in a male ward, there is a new Robin around....and the fact that only so many people can afford flying space-jets, military-level cars and motorcycles, and all the other gadgets he has lying around, but probably few (if any) watched their parents gunned down as a child...

It should be painfully obvious he's Batman. Grant Morrison's much lauded "Batman Inc." makes that even more glaring when Bruce Wayne openly admits that he is funding Batman and is good pals with him. To quote Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie, "A bodyguard?! Do you really think anyone's going to believe this?"

As for what Bruce did in the interim years. I like to imagine he became a more shadowy, covert Batman for at least the first few years, but that is just wishful thinking on my part. It is clear though that Bruce Wayne did drop the playboy routine and became more of a proactive member of Wayne Enterprises. It is why the board members (at least the one from BB and the one played by Sen. Leahy) show him more respect, as he was taking his father's mantle...and drove it into the ground as Daggett gleefully points out. It is also how he could divert half of WE's R&D into an energy project that he then "mothballs."

One could even argue that trying to solve the energy and climate change crisis is a more noble pursuit than punching poor people for jollies at night. Just saying.

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