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Default Re: Why do so many people want to see Bucky Cap?

Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
I don't see nearly as many people asking for Spider-Man to die in ASM2 despite both the Ultimate and 616 versions being deceased and replaced, nor am I seeing fans asking for around half of the X-Men to die.

Clearly this isn't just about staying true to the source material, some people are really, truly bloodthirsty and have issues with Rogers.
I think you're reading something into it that isn't necessarily there. I think Death and Return of Captain America is a great story that explores and highlights what makes Steve Rogers so utterly awesome.

I think if we'd seen the precursors to stories where the hero dies on screen, we'd see a clamoring for that. For instance, everyone is clamoring for Gwen Stacy to die, even the actress, because they've set up the comics story that leads to that. So in her case, and Cap's, staying true to the source material is very much part of what's going on.

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