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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 2

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
I'm worried as well, there is nothing that is convincing me they won't do to Lois what they did to her in the comic books especially now that "that woman" is in the film. If she is paired with Batman that's fine, but this boys club probably wants Superman with the hot super powered chick.

Nothing convincing you ignoring the fact that Snyder and specifically Goyer said that Lois and Clark will be in a real relationship if they move forward which he said in the build up to MOS release.

Obviously we sidestepped the alter ego problem in this movie. We were conscious of that. Obviously it’s not an issue with Lois. Moving forward she’s his secret keeper, and part of the fun for us if we do move forward is they will be involved in a real relationship and she will be part of that, maintaining that fiction.


Why does Diana need a love interest anyway if this is an introduction to her?

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