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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Agree with all that. A first film where he's Batman fighting in the shadows but then is shown having to put away the cape and cowl, PLUS what he was doing as Bruce in the eyes of the public before locking himself in Wayne Manor as the first half (with a montage) would have been great. End it with the **** hitting the fan ((Bruce being thrown into the prison, an actual class war, a revolution etc.) Then have a second parter that focuses on the war. That way they could spend more time rounding out EVERYTHING instead of just throwing the idea up on screen and going onto the next issue. Then I might actually care about Blake or Selina or Foley out on the streets in his dress blues. They could even have the time to build Miranda Tate up as a genuine love interest/ally.

But alas, it can never be.

And Shauner, I know when you see me post you probably feel like this,

But I swear to you, I mean no harm. Just a varying view is all.
Haha, i dont hate anybody dude. Ive been through worse discussions. Im fine with this back and forth, it's all good.

Ill bite though..

I really do like the idea of a 2 parter nowadays. I think this concept could have been a benefit to the studio (2 billion in just 6 months instead of 1) as well as the fans (this would fix what they call "plot holes").

-The Dark Knight Rises: Part 1: Late June 2012 (running time under 2 hours)
-The Dark Knight Rises: The Legend Ends: Late December 2012 (running time under 2 hours)

First film opens with the prologue we have right into Harvey Dent day at wayne Manor where we first see Gordon/Selina/Bruce in hiding. This film ends with the first fight when Bane walks away and drops the broken cowl. Screen goes to black. To be continued. They release the sequel 6 months later so the wait isn't too long.

Second film opens with Bruce being dragged (slightly longer scene) towards the top of the pit, he's lowered into the well and it moves slower. As he lowers he's getting these flashes and so are we. It's a classic re-cap of the main beats of the fight but it's done so we feel that Bruce is thinking of it as he descends. It's cut with the Begins flashback of bruce when he's at the bottom of the well as hundreds of bats swarm him. Cut with Bane ripping the mask off him until he crashes on the ground, passing out.

A slight re-order of the next few scenes now. We see that shot of Blake in front of Wayne Manor before he checks if he's home, sees Selina leaving, follows her and the whole airport sequence happens. He has the sit down with her but instead of transitioning into Bruce being dragged off then lowered in the well (that scene will have happened)...the transition just cuts to Bruce waking up startled. He sees Bane hovering over him until he delivers his speech in the cell. Etc.

The movie ends with the actual ending intact. The big chase, bomb stuff, big ending. Everything is left as is except i would have changed the "takes" of Foley & Talia's deaths. Foley being run down viciously by the tumbler. Also would have included Catwoman riding the bat-pod down the stairs but im not sure if that shot made it since it killed that Imax camera lol.

It's all about what's in between these "intros and outros" that you can add things to. Having an hour and a half or hour & 45 minutes for each film? That makes it more concise.

Scenes that were in the script and shot, but edited due to Imax restrictions? Miranda/Fox sit down scene before Fox meets Bruce (Part 1). Bane's prototype mask as he trains (Part 2). Extended Bruce & Alfred argument scene (Part 1). Extended scenes when Lucius shows Bruce the Bat, he tells him about a device for his leg which goes into the scene where he puts it on with Alfred and leads to Alfred telling him about Bane while Bruce opens his suit. This would be extended too since i liked the script where he shows his intelligence more with the brace and his talk with Alfred reveals that bruce tried using his wealth and name to save the city in the 8 years but failed so now he feels compelled to go out as Batman. (part 1). The great trailer shots of him walking out the prison door (part 2) and walking into the ballroom (part 1) would be left in too.

You would have more scenes in the second part where citizens would be tearing each other apart and reacting to the news. Some Selina backstory with Jen in the first part. Showing 1 scene of their sisterly bond. I think we could have seen some more training from Wayne in the prison doing some unorthodox styles of getting back in shape. Maybe a nightmare sequence featuring the Joker's laughing, something creepy that makes him doubt himself. Bruce is shown getting back into Gotham, making his way to Wayne Manor and prepping for what's to come.

For the first movie id also include a cool flashback scene with that sad score of the first film where he's thinking of his dad. But this time he's packing up his robe (with Thomas' initials on it) and it triggers a memory. Id bring back Thomas/Martha for this scene where Thomas is wearing that robe. Just little things like this, would help make the 2 parts feel very complete.

They could have released both blu rays as is, then around this time in 2013, release the trilogy set as they did. Except the 3rd installement called The Dark Knight Rises, with the 2 parts edited together as one 3 hour + film. If LOTR can do it, so could this.

There! That better!? Hehe

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc

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