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Default Re: Wow, so Fox is now doing two a year

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Yeah, cause none of this is about money or putting out good stories for DC Fans. Last I checked Batman and Superman made about 1.7 billion together on their last flicks. Clearly they should give up and just trash their next film which features both of them and DC's leading female which is no doubt leading to a much larger Universe. Arrow seems to be doing pretty bad with fans as well. Should just canel that

We only have one X-Men film greenlit. And its an extremely safe one for Fox. They are not out of their comfort zone. Everything thus far has been around Wolverine, Prof X and that core team. Until we have films revolving around other characters greenlit, X-Men are in the same position as DC with their lesser knowns. We dont have that Deadpool and X-Force film just yet. Just like DC dont have their Wonder Woman, Justice League Dark and Flash films. They will happen sooner or later, but for now nothing has a date and given the go ahead on production except their safe bets ( Batman, Superman, Wolverine), films they could lose the right to (FF) and Avenger sized epics (Bats VS Supes, DOFP, XM:A).
I agree with most of what you're saying, except for DOFP/Apocalypse being "a safe bet." Do I think it will pay off handsomely? Absolutely. But they are risking A LOT of mullah on this endeavor. I would say something like a sequel to The Wolverine is more of a safe bet.

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