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Default Re: Wow, so Fox is now doing two a year

Originally Posted by Cherry View Post
Do I think it will pay off handsomely? Absolutely. But they are risking A LOT of mullah on this endeavor. I would say something like a sequel to The Wolverine is more of a safe bet.
Thats very true, but they are using arguably their most hyped villain which is why I think they dropped the title so early and ahead of DOFP. Thats gonna create even more anticipation. And the cast will be more then likely be the same, at least as far as leads. If a small Wolverine film can make over 400m ww that pretty much puts at least 500m-600m ww as lock. If they are to use the most money on any X-Men film it would be this one. Its no more a risk as X3 was imo. They are throwing every marketable thing they have had so far into these next two films so if this doesn't work for Singer and crew then nothing will. Nothing but the big guns here.

Now if DOFP flops, then I would agree 100% that XM:A is a risk. But I don't think thats gonna happen.

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