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Default Re: The Thea Queen/ Willa Holland thread

If somebody does die in the next episodes, and that person has some kind of connection to Thea, I fully expect her to eventually get a scene where she goes ballistic and tries to kill someone with a shank, hobbit/Arya Stark style. Holland has a pretty good handle on how to portray anger, and unlike Laurel, who's generally got a bitterness to her anger, Thea's has been portrayed as fiery and aggressive.

Part of me thinks that if they bring Steele back and kill him off for good, and especially if Malcolm's involved, we'll get to see Thea just lose it. And honestly, I expect that to be a big part of her interaction with Malcolm when he inevitably reveals the connection and starts hurting people she cares about.

And if she finds out he's directly responsible for Robert Queen's death on top of everything else...

Heh. Pint sized asskicker incoming.

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