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Default Re: Who Should Be The Big Bad In Thor 3?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post

Anyway, it's gotta be Odin and Sons (and maybe Beta Ray Bill) vs Surtur. That would be beyond epic. (I'm looking forward to Thor 3 more than the next Avengers). Can you imagine the prologue ?....Simonson's depiction of the forging of the sword Twilight ! Awesomenosity !

I could totally see that. Since the first two Thor films started with a "time before time" style prologue, Thor 3 should do the same to keep the parallel structure. Do you think it should feature Buri, Thor's great-grandfather?

Thor 1 prologue- father Odin
Thor 2 prologue- grandfather Bor
Thor 3 prologue- great grandfather Buri

Or would that start getting hokey?

Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
None of the above. Hela FTW
I respectfully disagree (obviously, since I was talking up Surtur ). For a female villain (which I agree would be great), I would much rather have Amora. I would do it something like this:

Loki-Odin has two new "advisors"/enforcers, which the people of Asgard have nicknamed his Enchantress and his Executioner in hushed voices. Amora and Skurge would really be serving Amora's self interest, of course. Maybe Skurge makes a sacrifice play when Surtur arrives, dying as a hero and mirroring his death in the books. But maybe not...

Other things on my Thor 3 wish list include:
-Ulik appearing in some small capacity (maybe like the Kronan in TDW, or slightly more, but not a huge role.)
-Sif on "protect Jane" bodyguard duties, just to see some more interactions with them. It doesn't have to be a full on love triangle as I know that would irk some people, but more tension like the glance Sif gave Jane in Asgard. Perhaps Sif is the one who comes to Earth to tell Thor that all is not well in Asgard and there is dissent thanks to Odin's change in behavior. Thor asks Sif to stay and watch over Jane while he returns to confront Odin.
-More of the 9 realms, of course. And that means less Midgard. However, I understand that some of the general audience connects with the Earth scenes, much to my chagrin.
-If i didn't think it would get too cluttered, I would also say that I want to see Thor visit Balder in Nornheim, where he has been an ambassador to Karnilla. This would explain where he's been for two films. Of course, as I said, too many things from the wish list would make the film too cluttered or unappealing for non-fans.
-Finally, the confrontation with Surtur should be the largest scale of anything seen in the MCU films so far, until it is topped by Thanos in Avengers 3.
-oh, and smoother editing/transitions (one of my only real complaints from TDW, as the humor didn't ruin it for me like it did for some people). The beginning of TDW was really choppy, so I'd like a more steady hand in that regard. Of course, that might require marvel to give it a longer runtime, which might not be in the cards. Regardless, the step up in quality between X-Men and X-Men 2, or even Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 (in my opinion), is the type of improvement in quality I'd like to see here.

I'll add more as they come to me...

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