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Default Re: Wow, so Fox is now doing two a year

Huh what? X-Force doesn't have a date and I'm sure Bryan Singer could use any characters that he wants even if those characters are already in the X-Force script.

Anyway I prefer characters like Gambit, Psylocke and Archangel to appear in core X-Men movies first. If something doesn't do well with Psylocke/Archangel appearing in X-Force, that could mean that we won't see them work/appear in a movie with the core X-Men team. Well, right now it doesn't look like we would be seeing popular X-Men members Gambit and Emma Frost interact with the core X-Men team because

a. Origins sucked and we don't know what happened with Gambit after that movie and there's also a huge gap between Origins/X1.
b. Critics didn't like Emma Frost in First Class and now she's mia in DOFP.

It would only take 1 great writer to bring those two back and let them work or at least interact with the core X-Men team.... but they already appeared before in a prequel/spin-off and chances are, the directors/writers would just pick another character to use.

Without these spin-offs/prequels, major characters like Gambit/Emma Frost probably already worked or had an interaction with the major X-Men players.

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