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Default Re: Retconning the Age of Characters

Jean and Cyclops were dead in comic too, nothing new to me, can be dead in movie and be alive in new timeline.
Havok is older than Scott in Ultimate.
If you can count Scott and Ororo are in late 30 in X1, not 50.
Emma Frost is 20+ in FC, and we know she likes plastic surgeons, so she can be used in 80's and even later.

Moira from TLS can be daughter of FC Moira. The same with Emma from Origins, daughter, nephew...
Walking Xavier is mind ilusion probably, he did a lot of that in FC.
Xavier could met Erik when they were teenagers near Liberty Statue, and next in 1962. Erik doesn't have to remember meet from 1949.
Beast projected Cerebro, but Erik will help to rebuild it later in mansion.

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