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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

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This question has been answered immediately, but I just love this thread. I feel like many of the "plotholes" and complaints have are from those not paying attention. Bruce was a recluse for three years, not eight.
first of all, that was just one plothole, what are the "many" from people not paying attention?

secondly, after looking at that scene again, I have no reason to believe that him being "so wounded that he goes into hiding" was talking about the night dent died. all the stuff about clean energy could have been happening while bruce was still sulking in his palace. he didn't have to be out in public to be a part of it.

thirdly, I am not hating on this movie - it is a good movie, I don't think this was a bad batflick, but it is just seriously flawed, so flawed that I do not think the trilogy concluded satisfactorily. however, the dark knight is still a masterpiece.

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"some guy" sounds like an idiot
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'you know what let this discussion go.'
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