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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

That's not a plothole but yes, can be said as inconsistent.

I like how you call it the lazarus pit. It's pretty much Nolan's take on it.

But as for getting back to Gotham...

It's more inconsistent that they didnt show it because it still makes sense if you use your imagination. Why? He's Bruce Wayne (he has connections even when he doesnt have money on him. He has connections to either pick him up or pay his way). Even without that, he's the goddamn Batman. Meaning he's a ninja. He's survived worse during his travels pre-Batman. He's climbed mountains, walked the ice, survived on ships without any money for years probably. He was homeless for quite sometime in his 20s. And he's disguised himself as well.

So that's not a plothole and barely an inconsistency. It's rather something that we wished was shown to us instead of using our imagination.

"Every time you open that dvd box to watch the Dark Knight, it's actually a slice of baloney. the real movie is in your mind and Nolan performed an Inception on all of us." - tacit-ronin-
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