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Default Re: X-Men: Apocalypse coming in 2016!

I didn't stop watching X-Men movies when most of the OT cast took the back seat in 2006 after TLS was released. And that will not change even if Fox made wrong choices in the future.

Casts come and go but its not happening anytime soon especially most of the excitement for DOFP is coming from the OT cast.

And I don't have an anti-younger cast mentality, I don't want Fox to move forward with FC cast not because they're young and cute, but its because of the underwhelming box-office that First Class got back in 2011. And if I have an anti-younger mentality, then what do you say about your anti-older cast mentality?

And saying one cast is less appealing is not bashing. I'm not attacking them personally.

And there's no guarantee that upcoming X-films will be superior to the X-Films we saw 10 years ago especially when they have Simon Kinberg on board for more X-films and Jeff Wadlow on X-Force. Both writers have poor track record. They only sound superior because as if writers/directors/people are who involved would say bad things to their upcoming projects.

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