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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Originally Posted by micsin View Post
For me, it would be great to see Archangel and Psylocke, but since they only recently joined the team, I'm doubtful. Enough Wolverine already -- unless he's played by a new actor. (No offense to Hugh, it's just time.)

Though I still keep thinking about how Sunspot and Warpath will already be in DOFP and how Singer likes to use the same cast members in each movie. Granted, I know it's not set who's directing, but am I wrong in thinking -- especially now with Apocalypse -- they've pretty much given Singer the title of franchise chief? If anyone has some authority over the X-men movie-verse, it's that guy.
Psylocke has been essentially the main focus of BOTH incarnations of Uncanny X-Force, and she's playing a big role on Spurrier's upcoming XF book. Wadlow has mentioned his love for UXF several times and has mentioned taking elements from ALL of the different incarnations of XF. Liefeld essentially said the same thing. Given all of these factors, Psylocke has a VERY good chance of being on the movie team.

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