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Default Re: X3 Fanedit Project

Would be interested to know whether you are still planning on giving this a go henz. I really like nearly all your choices although i would like an alternate ending for rogue as I don't know what route they are planning for DOFP although i suspect it will be that she did get the cure but it didn't last, in much the same way that i assume magneto's curing will be dealt with so would like the option of maybe both.

Love the Xavier funeral being at the end, Last Stand felt very upbeat when you consider they lost Xavier, Cyclops and (Jean, although they thought they already had). I like that all 3 are recognised in the theatrical version with kitty standing over their graves, so I would like that to be kept.

Are you cutting Charles and his students in class as a means of getting rid of the Moira scene? I quite like the scene as I think it alludes/foreshadows the ethical line he may have crossed to be back in DOFP (inadvertently though it may be) plus there is some good kitty pryde characterisation. Could he just refer to Moira as his colleague? That's seems jarring to me as I don't think Xavier is the kinda guy to not give credit where it's due, I think that is me being very pedantic. I think with the footage available that is the best option.

I assume you are keeping the mystique being cured section? I didn't like it, and if I could completely redo the film again that would not happen and she would be in the final battle. But I think once again it is the best option for what we have.

One final thing, are you keeping Logan and Rogue's final talk before she goes off to be cured? I really like that scene. As much as I think Wolverine shouldn't have become as soppy as he does. I wouldn't like it if their whole father/daughter relationship got glossed over in the last film. In fact his relationship with Rogue seemed far more important in X1 and X2 than his relationship with Jean.

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